Brisbane Portrait Photographer

Steve ‘Photoman’ Hayes provides fun, relaxing family portrait photography services throughout Queensland, Australia.

Steve ‘Photoman’ Hayes is all about creativity and memories.  Combining years of photography experience with a generous and friendly personality, you will love your family portrait sessions.

Posing family sessions are boring, robotic and of course, uncomfortable for many participants, in order to capture your family portraits in such a way that is not only creative, fun loving yet professional, Steve ‘Photoman’ Hayes works with you and your family members to bring out each and everyones personalities through photo captures.

It is important to make your session fun to keep everyone involved excited, equally it is important to bring out everyone’s personality through photography to be as natural as possible.



How Much Does A Session Cost?

A family portrait photography session fee is $200.  This fee includes;

  • Up to 10 persons (any age)
  • My travel time to and from the location (within the Moreton Bay Region)
  • Shooting time on location (Up to 2 hours)
  • Post-Editing time in my home office (Usually 1 hour)
  • Uploading of the photographs to a secure download server

How Many Photos Do I Receive?

A question often asked is how many photographs do we receive? this question is hard to answer and honestly does vary session to session, for example, let’s give you a little break down as a guide only.  Let’s use a family of 4 as an example, parents and 2 children.  

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Mum and Dad
  • Mum and Child 1
  • Mum and Child 2
  • Dad and Child 1
  • Dad and Child 2
  • Mum and Child 1 and 2
  • Dad and Child 1 and 2
  • Mum, Dad, Child 1 and Child 2


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