Glamour/Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography sessions are usually (not always) performed or undertaken for 3 primary reasons;

  • Bring back self confidence in someone who is feeling otherwise unhappy with their look
  • Partner Gift (Birthday, Christmas etc)
  • Model Portfolio

Whether you are choosing this for your fiancé, for your husband, or for yourself, you will look and feel glamorous and charismatic.

Be yourself: whether your boudoir session is a birthday or wedding day gift for your partner or just for you, live in the present. It is totally up to you whether you wrap yourself in your robe, veil, show a flash of leg in your wedding stilettos, or wear nothing at all, it’s your boudoir session!

Boudoir, Artistic Nude, Implied Nude, Topless, Implied Topless and anything revealing is something that is private and personal, for this reason, only the photographs approved by our clients are publicly displayed (below).  We have many sessions which are kept private and offline at our clients request.

Some clients will prefer to stay mostly under a sheet or pretty robe, and some are daring enough to go more risqué. There is no right or wrong, and either way will be elegantly provocative.

Boudoir can feature anything from pure white cotton sheets, antique bed frames, floor length windows, and hardwood floors to outdoors and sunshine or pinup style photography.  Understanding that your photographer is a male, this may make you feel a little shy or uncomfortable, however, you can rest assured that your privacy, dignity and confidentiality are respected.



How Much Does A Session Cost?

A boudoir photography session fee is $200.  This fee includes;

  • My travel time to and from the location (within the Moreton Bay Region)
  • Shooting time on location (Up to 2 hours and 1 Location)
  • Post-Editing time in my home office (Usually 2 hour’s)
  • Uploading of the photographs to a secure download server

* We do not supply hair or makeup included in the price, however, we can arrange it if you need it (often it is not required). 

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