From Click To Sik Photography Tuition Sessions

Steven Hayes is a professional, multi-award winning, internationally published photographer.

Steven Hayes has been shooting professionally since 2009, in this time, Steve has trained over 500 photographers of all levels, some of which have pursued a career in photography and their success has been credited to Steve’s training and knowledge sharing.

Steven Hayes is providing Photography Tuition sessions, it does not matter if you have only received your first SLR/DSLR or you are looking for extra training, tips and tricks.

Below are some of the sessions Steven Hayes offers in Photography Tuition.



This training session is designed for new SLR/DSLR owners or owners who need to dust off their camera.  This session is often attended by owners of film cameras wanting to go to digital photography.

  • Camera Buttons and Usage
  • ISO
  • Shutter Control
  • Aperture Control
  • Focus Modes including Manual
  • Lighting and How To Use Natural Light Effectively
  • Tips and Tricks for Low Light Photography
  • Tips and Tricks for Sunrise/Sunset Photography
  • Plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive answers to troubling questions.

Participants will finish the session with being able to take control of their camera and will have canvas worthy photographs to take home, best of all, the canvas worthy photographs are photos the participants took!

This session is run with a group of 10 participants (maximum) and for 3 hours.  The total session fee is $99.


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