Steve Photoman Hayes is a professional photographer providing professional Food Photography in Brisbane.

Steven is not only a professional photographer, he is a multi-award winning, internationally published photographer.  Most aspects of photography are covered here, however, primarily Food Photography.

Food Photography is not simply taking a photo of food, drinks or a table, it is all about appetite, capturing a meal in such a way that your taste buds bubble and your stomach thinks it is hungry, this is what Food Photography is all about.


Why Is Food Photography So Important?

Food Photography can be captured by any means of taking a photo, from a mobile device through to a DSLR, however, in order to inspire taste buds to want to taste, you need to make a viewers brain want to eat, it needs to motivate a persons brain enough to get them off the arm chair and visit the venue to buy your food.

This is where engaging a professional food styler and food photographer comes into play, creating professional, appetising food is the key to a successful photo.


Has Steve ‘Photoman’ Hayes Participated In Food Styling Courses or Study?

Our own minds are a university of testing grounds.  When you take a photo of a menu item, edit the item to perfection and the photo that people see makes your own taste buds jiggle, then you know, no matter how much university study performed or food you have tasted, you have to eat the meal in the photo, you know that all of your internal university study has worked.

In short, no external study or course can help create a food style or look like your own creative flare, this is what all food photographers are different.


Where Can You View Steven’s Food Photography Gallery?

You can see Steven’s Food Photography gallery by Clicking The Food Gallery Link.