Sunrise Photography is one of the most amazing photography sessions, it is also the time that your day starts.

As the sun begins to peak its nose through the horizon and clouds, you can be presented with one of the most amazing scenes mother nature has to offer.  Some would say, this is the worst part of the day because it is too early and there is not enough coffee to begin this early.

Often landscape photographers begin the trek for the perfect sunrise very early, depending on the location they are travelling to or shooting, they may in fact have 1 hour+ to drive in order to arrive at a location, add to this, approximately 1 hour prior to First Light is when you want to be at a location of your choosing, usually first light is 30 minutes prior to sunset, however, scouting, positioning and planning is needed.

So, if Sunrise is at 5am, a photographer would be on location by approximately 4am, 1 hour travel, they would be leaving home approximately 3am.  So when you see a sunrise photograph, please take the time to not only admire the art which has been created and the mother natures true show of beauty, but also acknowledge the time, dedication and love a photographer put into capturing the image(s) you are viewing.

The following photographs were captured at Ningi Sunrise, just short of Bribie Island.