Steven Hayes has been shooting landscape photography since 2009, during this time, some very impressive, exciting things have happened.

  • Steve has won over 3,900 online/offline awards including peer recognition by other photographers
  • Steve’s work has been published in Zoo Magazine, Newspapers, Websites, Weather Channel, Business Flyers/Signs and more
  • Steve’s work has been published in the United States in a hard bound book
  • Steve has built a brand name Steve ‘Photoman’ Hayes, this name is not only popular, it is a name known at large

Today Steve visited Mooloolaba with his son Luke, his son love’s photography, boats, marina’s and of course nature just like his daddy.  During the session, it was in fact Luke who not only chose but composed one of the shots below, we will let you guess (if you can) which shot it was!

Take a look at Steve’s Landscape Photography photo gallery.  It will knock your socks off!