Professional Services

Steven Hayes is a multi-award winning, internationally published photographer providing professional photography since 2009.

Steven Hayes provides photography services for;

☑ Food Photography

From the styling through to the capturing of your food, drinks or bar areas.

☑ Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is an art in itself, capturing oneself in a beautiful, artistic, seductive way as art without having a private photograph look sleazy or derogative is the art, one which Steve has won many awards for.

☑ Glamour Photography

Glamour styling is, in Steve’s eyes, a combination of Boudoir and Model Photography, it is the art of capturing a person (male or female) in a beautiful style that makes them feel and look amazing!  It could also be described as a self confidence booster.

☑ Family Portrait

Family Portrait Photography is all about the style and the look, we are not talking about the filters, the pre-purchased designs found throughout the internet, we are talking to capturing a family and their members and their personality, having the families personality shine through the lens and onto the paper it is printed in.

☑ Corporate/Team Headshots

Corporate Headshots are often used by Real Estate Agents and Corporate Offices to have their team members on display for websites, blogs, marketing, vehicles etc, however, Bloggers also use Corporate Headshots for their own personal use also.  We can accomodate all headshot needs.

☑ Commercial Commission Projects

Commercial Commission Projects are essentially on location photography requests for corporate activities, events, artwork or otherwise.  This style is all about capturing the request in an artistic way that captures the audience, participants or artwork.

☑ Real Estate Photography Services

Real Estate Photography Services is all about capturing a Rental, Sale or Auction property encapsulating the selling points, maybe it is a local beach, a local shopping centre, a window with a view, a spa or a master bedroom that has a sky light that can view the stars at night, capturing your property is done with perfection.

Contact Steven Hayes

You can contact Steve today on 0457 957 096 or using the contact form (preferred).