Fishing Tuition

Steven Hayes designed and developed a business called Moreton Bay Able Anglers to provide fishing services to people living with a Disability or Mental Health.

Moreton Bay Able Anglers is a business that has been established not only to fulfil our ever growing passion for fishing, mother nature and the love of the ocean, but our love for bringing smiles to people’s faces.

People who are living with a disability or mental health have no control over their position, however, this does not mean they are any less of a person than you or I, they maybe limited in some things they can do or can participate in, either from their own abilities or from the general public’s naiveness of the word ‘disabled’

Moreton Bay Able Anglers is all about “Reel Opportunities for Real People” that is why we have established a fishing tuition program designed to teach people fishing and show them mother natures greatest gifts.  The training sessions are conducted from flat, stable platforms such as Jetties or Rock Walls where safety is always considered before a location is set.


☑ How Do The Programs Work?

Moreton Bay Able Anglers fishing tuition programs follow a program guideline that we produced, because we wrote this program from the ground up, this program is easily modified for each community group or organisation.  Our priority is safety first followed by having each of the attendees trained to be able to fish on their own.


☑ Why Disabled and Mental Health?

Disabled and Mental Health are 2 areas close to our hearts, having a very long history of providing support to disabled persons including operating fund raising events, volunteering through many organisations and having friends who are either wheelchair bound or have some limitations, this program and business is our perfect day job.

Mental Health is another are which is close to our heart, having suffered Clinical Depression and knowing family and friends with several different ‘disorders’, we understand that mental health is challenging and daunting, having a relaxing outlet such as fishing and mother nature to keep the mind free and happy is very important.


☑ How Long Does The Program Run For?

The program which is designed specifically for first time fishers is designed to be conducted 3 hours of tuition per session over a 6 week period (18 hour training session) up to 8 week duration depending on the participants needs.  This session concludes with the participants receiving a participation booklet to keep with the tips, tricks, tuition and extra bonus material such as recipes etc in the booklet.